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New first time owner question

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Joined: 03/21/2017

I just took delivery of a 1979 Dakota PA28-236 on March 15, 2017.
Pre-Inspection was good and other than having to clean and wax, airplane flies wonderful.

An area of concern is moving it in and out of the shelter where there's a slight ridge making it very difficult to clear without major muscle power.
In fact, took the towbar that came with the aircraft and it popped out of the nose gear tow strap sending me across the parking area.

Is there a better system out there for moving your aircraft/s that have wheel pants other than the robotic unit which I really like but hate the cost?
Is there a better tow bar that doesn't fall out of the holes in the nose gear strap which is an accident waiting to happen?

Finally -- nice to see this Forum -- I've spent a few hours now reading through all the posts -- great stuff --

Thanks much


Thanks Much -- bob